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I have a playbook that installs the datadog agent on remote hosts using the datadog.datadog module and then proceeds to carry out a number of tasks, such as configuring some tools and having datadog read logs from the tools. I would like for my playbook to restart the datadog agent after making the changes (adjusting read permissions on the logs so the agent is able to read the log files)

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I use notify: restart datadog-agent to restart the agent, but I don’t think that it is working. The restart datadog-agent handler is not defined in my playbook, but it is a part of the datadog.datadog module. My question is: how to I invoke a handler defined in a module that I am importing in my playbook (if using notify is not the way to go)?

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David Medinets

Can you make it a dependency?

- role: my-handlers
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David Medinets
Ansible notify handlers in another role

Can I notify the handler in another role? What should I do to make ansible find it? The use case is, e.g. I want to configure some service and then restart it if changed. Different OS have proba…



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Hey all, trying to create some route53 records. As per the ansible docs, you can pass in a comma delimited string to value . I’m trying the following

- name: Create Route53 record
    state: present
    zone: "{{ item.domain }}{{ tld }}"
    record: "{{ aws_account_name }}.{{ item.domain }}{{ tld }}"
    overwrite: True
    type: NS
    ttl: "172800"
    aws_access_key: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.access_key }}"
    aws_secret_key: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.secret_key }}"
    security_token: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.session_token }}"
    value: "{{ item.resource_records }}"
    - { resource_records: "route53_zone_info | json_query('results[0].ResourceRecordSets[0].ResourceRecords[].Value') | join(',')", domain: "{{ domains[0] }}" }
    - { resource_records: "route53_zone_info | json_query('results[1].ResourceRecordSets[0].ResourceRecords[].Value') | join(',')", domain: "{{ domains[1] }}" }

but then I get the following error:

failed: [localhost] (item={'resource_records': "route53_zone_info | json_query('results[0].ResourceRecordSets[0].ResourceRecords[].Value') | join(',')", 'domain': 'lllapps'}) => {"ansible_loop_var": "item", "changed": false, "item": {"domain": "lllapps", "resource_records": "route53_zone_info | json_query('results[0].ResourceRecordSets[0].ResourceRecords[].Value') | join(',')"}, "msg": "[Invalid Resource Record: FATAL problem: RRDATANotSingleField (Value contains spaces) encountered with 'route53_zone_info | json_query('results[0].ResourceRecordSets[0].ResourceRecords[].Value') | join('']"}
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the value should not contain any spaces the output is as follows

"route53_zone_info | json_query('results[1].ResourceRecordSets[0].ResourceRecords[].Value') | join(',')": "ns-1111.11111.,ns-111111.co.uk.,1111111.awsdns-48.net.,ns11111.awsdns-51.com."
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any idea whats wrong?