#argocd (2023-12)


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Can we render an app that’s part of an applicationset locally? Basically I want to see the desired manifest based on the resources on my lappy386 without any regard to what’s going on anywhere else not on my lappy.

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This got asked in the CNCF Slack and someone left this link as an answer.

Pretty wild that there’s no offline way to output the content. Am pulling in a chart, appset, and release and can’t inspect my work.

If there happens to be a path to that somewhere I’m still interested, but it seems like right now I either don’t know how best to work with the app or this is a blind spot.

In my previous flux world we’d use Helm to output manifests, visually inspect them, sometimes apply them to a lab or dev manually while we tweaked things, and then let the pipelines do their magic.

My use case today is simply that I want to be able to toggle a setting and show the output differences. someone did something rather silly and I wanted to showcase why with an example of what outputs are sent through the pipeline without ever checking code or having to develop my own lab.

#10895 ApplicationSet generators diff with CLI


Beeing able to diff the ApplicationSet generators


Today to push a modification on an application I can do an argocd app diff --revision ... in my CI to see the changes I will add.
I would love to have something similar to see the list of application that will be added or removed by the applicationset.


Implement an argocd appset diff --revision ... ?

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Igor Rodionov

Thanks for point that out