#atlantis (2020-06)


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Follow-up on conversations about Terraform Cloud vs Atlantis. I’m using Terraform Cloud, but bumping to paid tier is high cost and having difficulty with any new software purchases.

Thinking about atlantics and just setting up with the wonderful cloudposse modules we’ve been provided. I like the “plain preview” and all and PR chatops improvements too.

So…. long-term, do you feel atlantis integration is alive and well and will continue to be a robust solution for those willing to spin up some internal infra, or do you feel it’s on life-support/replacement soon by Terraform Cloud due to the primary developers moving to Terraform team? Getting folks to run Terraform Cloud will be tricky I’m realizing due to their reliance on make files to run terraform commands instead of just “pure” terraform. I’m thinking maybe atlantis is that option that’s needed to allow them to run things but eliminate such heavy reliance on Jenkins for running just terraform plans.

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I think it will continue going, TF cloud does not support some specific business rules and workflows that people use

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there is active development in the project so far even though they moved to hashicorp

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very cool. I’ll probably give it a chance


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can i get some upvotes && comments plz https://github.com/runatlantis/atlantis/issues/1084

[feature request] Reaction emojis when running · Issue #1084 · runatlantis/atlantis

I've been using the cloudposse chatops commands recently. When I run /readme-rebuild or similar, the chatops github action will first update my comment with to show that it has been seen, w…