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anyone here with a decent amount of azure experience?

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Andriy Knysh (Cloud Posse)

@geertn mentioned he did

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im curious how people are grouping their resource groups. im not sure if its better to be very granular, or if a single resource group per environment

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@btai We use a subcription per environment. One subcription for general services to other subscriptions (VPN), one for prod, staging, etc. Next to that generally map resource groups to terraform environment / state files. So eg a RG for WAF with NLB, a RG for Domain Controllers with LDAP NLB, a RG for Recovery Services Vault, One RG for all networking stuff (Vnets/subnets). Mostly becuase it’s handy for deleting/redeploying thing without worrying too much but also to be able to set granular permissions on the RG’s

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ok so youre not super granular with RGs, but within each environment you’ll have a handful of RGs

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@btai to give you an idea for an env with 15 servers we use about 8 rg

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Next to that about 6 RG for things like recovery vault, packer images and build space, keyvault

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I’d say it’s pretty granular

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@geertn Okay sounds good. so in my environment I have a RG for the vnet + default subnets, RG for my AKS cluster + ALB + cluster subnets, and I’m planning on a RG for the pg database.

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sounds about right?

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@geertn completely different question, do you know why the Azure managed pg database makes the username {admin_login}@{host_name}?

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Sounds good to me. I wouldn’t know about PG DB username no


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@geertn do you use AKS?


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Hi there, has anyone tested the new Python environment for functions ? https://github.com/Azure/azure-functions-python-worker#overview Bonus : have you tested it with Terraform built resources ? I’d like to know if it’s stable enough for simple timed triggered scripts.


Python worker for Azure Functions. Contribute to Azure/azure-functions-python-worker development by creating an account on GitHub.


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