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Blaise Pabon

Is anyone familiar with the tests and certification paths for Azure? I’m looking to quickly pick up some Azure certifications and wondering about the cheapest, fastest way to prep. Being new to Azure (and old to just about everything else) it seems like there is a lot of noisy offers aimed at people just out of school. I was thinking of something like:

• Azure Administrator (AZ-104)

• Azure Security Engineer (AZ-400)

• Azure Architect (AZ-303, 304)

• Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400)

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Hello, there is no “quick” way, I would recommend to do the Architect at the end as it requires a lot of various knowledge, and you may have less question if you already have lower certification

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Blaise Pabon

Thank you @Pierre-Yves, this is precisely the reality check I wanted. I suppose when I mean quick I mean the sequence which is best leverages the previous tests (assuming that I already know how the tech works and I just need to acquire Azure terminology and best practices).

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by example: Azure Administrator require azure active directory knowledge Azure security engineer require azure active directory knowledge

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Blaise Pabon

Excellent, I signed up for a 10 day trial of Pluralsight and I am consuming everything I can about Azure AD and Powershell. Yesterday I passed AZ-900, I think I will do AZ-400 next.

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you may want to train for the first exam qcm parts with https://www.whizlabs.com/

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Hello, team! Wanted to see if you are familiar with running out of file capacity in MS Power Platform and adding capacity to remediate the problem.

I’ve gotten this error via email:

You're out of File capacity
As of July 16, 2021 0:27 UTC, your tenant has used 100 percent of available File storage capacity. Please take action immediately to ensure all admin operations can be performed without restrictions. Your environments and applications will continue to be available to licensed users.

https://prnt.sc/1bsz1rl And I’ve looked at these docs (linked below) but I have yet to find a doc that tells me exactly what I need to do to add capacity.

The capacity overage is in the “Database” or “Dataverse” area. But then I go to “Add-ons -> Assign to environment” I don’t see any add-ons related to database. Just the following:

AI Builder credits
App Passes for Microsoft Teams
App passes
Flow per business process
Portal logins
Portal page views
Power Automate Unattended RPA

Would adding capacity to any one of these also increase the database capacity and by how much?

Any help or direction is appreciated. Thanks in advance!



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New Microsoft Dataverse storage capacity - Power Platform

Introducing a new storage model for Microsoft Dataverse.

Capacity add-ons for Power Apps and Power Automate - Power Platform

This topic covers the Per app, Power Automate per business process, AI builder, Portal logins, and Portal views.