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Hello, recently one of my coworker who have admin access has create a vm with public ip .

There is no way to prevent someone who have admin access to the subscription to create resources manually.

But there is azure policy that can be used to enforce compliance and prevent stupid things to be done.

Don’t fear to set it up front.


Using Azure Policy to deny public IPs on specific VNETsattachment image

Azure Policy is a powerful tool in your Azure toolbox. It allows you to enforce specific governance principals you want to see implemented in your environment. Some key examples of what Azure Policy allows you to do is: Automatically tag resources, Enforce specific regions, Enforce VM size … I recently ran into a customer scenario, […]

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finally released ! “New Resources: azurerm_sql_managed_instance and azurerm_sql_managed_database"



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don’t create VMs with public ips ! that should be a mantra ! A vulnerability on Azure vm Linux has been found: https://www.wiz.io/blog/omigod-critical-vulnerabilities-in-omi-azure


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GFox (someTXcloudGuy)

Hello, Anyone can explain and/or seen additional DataDisk LUNs create after running the re-config scripts for MIGRATED FCI SQL Servers on Azure VMs?? Post Migration, run the PS scripts to “create shared data disks” then run the PS script to attached the disks, however it creates double the disks. Supposed to be 5 data disks on each Node however there’s now 10 data disks,