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Sairam Madichetty

Hi all, I’m stuck in this issue since sometime:

query in Azure cloud-

  • There is a AKS cluster in a subnet with a range 10.x.x.x/23 - basically available IPs would be 512.

  • I should verify the used IPs now.

  • one way is I went to the Azure portal and in Vnet - I went in connected devices and I see a list of IPs utilized which shows me around 185.

  • this gave me a list of IPs utilized and from which nodepool but not the application or resources which is using it.

  • so now I went into the cluster and did these - k get pods -A -o wide - k get svc -A -o wide - k get ingress -A -o wide - k get nodes -o wide And noted all the IPs and summed up. Now I get total ips as only around 117.

  • basically my understanding was it both ways the IPs has to match but it isn’t.

Few IPs are not showing up at all and not able to trace them.

  • Also I have verified that there are no external services in the same subnet. Also accounted the reserved 5 IPs from Azure in a subnet for my calculation.