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Hi guys

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Do you guys know how to write a script to call for a service to run ( i am using a tool and need to call it for launching in CI pipeline)

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That’s a really broad question, could you give more details on what you’re trying to do?

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I have a tool that need to call out to run within a pipeline like : CircleCI or GitlabCI So how can i write a bash script to call it ?

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Chris Fowles
Learn Shell - Free Interactive Shell Tutorial

learnshell.org is a free interactive Shell tutorial for people who want to learn Shell, fast.

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Chris Fowles

it sounds like you need to start with the fundamentals @Takan - this channel isn’t a resource to get people to write scripts for you

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thank @Chris Fowles for the link

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Jillian Rowe

This is great! All those damn kids can get off my lawn and we can all just run everything with bash and ssh!!



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