#build-harness (2020-10)

Help with the Cloud Posse build-harness https://github.com/cloudposse/build-harness


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Anyone else get the following when running make commands (help is a good example)

Available targets:

awk: cmd. line:1: warning: regexp escape sequence `\_' is not a known regexp operator
GNU Awk 5.1.0, API: 3.0 (GNU MPFR 4.1.0, GNU MP 6.2.0)

Looks like the awk regex in has an escaped _ which I’m not sure is needed ( https://github.com/cloudposse/build-harness/blob/master/Makefile.helpers#L57 )

@awk '/^[a-zA-Z\_0-9%:\\\/-]+:/

Collection of Makefiles to facilitate building Golang projects, Dockerfiles, Helm charts, and more - cloudposse/build-harness

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

Haven’t seen that error but I think you are right! Maybe a newer version of awk warns