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Sudhish KR

Hey Folks,

We at Dgraph Labs use Github as our VCS. And we have recently migrated our CI/CD setup to Github Actions. This was a huge win for us internally, especially in a startup setting like ours. Our wins were broadly in these 3 areas Compute Costs, Maintenance Efforts & Configuration Time.

With this new setup, we designed & developed Dynamic AutoScaling of Github Runners in house. We are thinking of open-sourcing this project. If there is any interest here - pls do reach out. We were able to save ~87% $$ of our Compute Costs with this setup.

Blog Link => https://www.sudhishkr.com/posts/20230217_dynamic-autoscaling-of-github-runners/

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In this article we explain our transition to GitHub Actions for our CI/CD needs at Dgraph Labs Inc. As a part of this effort we have built (in-house) & implemented a new architecture for “Dynamic AutoScaling of GitHub Runners” to power this setup. In the past, our CI/CD was powered by a self-hosted on-prem TeamCity setup - this turned out to be a little difficult to operate & manage in a startup setting like ours. Transitioning to GitHub Actions & implementing our new in-house built “Dynamic AutoScaling of GitHub Runners” - has helped us reduce our Compute Costs, Maintenance Efforts & Configuration Time across our repositories for our CI/CD efforts (with improved security).