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Mike Nock

Hey all, question in case anyone might know: Running Gitlab with Docker, and since the docker:dind 19 image push, my pipeline broke like most others. I got the /certs/client volumes mounted with the runner and turned on tls-verify. Build and test phases go through just fine, but at the deploy container, after a successful login to the $CI_REGISTRY the docker container gets an error x509: certificate signed by unknown authority when trying to pull the image (which the test phase containers were able to do successfully with the same login). Thoughts? Anyone else run into this maybe?

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@Mike Nock do you really need to enable TLS for Docker? did you try to disable TLS passing env variable DOCKER_TLS_CERTDIR with empty value?

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Mike Nock

I don’t, but disabling it wasn’t working either. I ended up getting it working by mounting /certs as an environment variable, and a runner variable. Then migrating all services over to dind, and the images to docker:stable

Seemed to work well.