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Mike Crowe

Nope, new accounts have 4 max sub-accounts w/o upping the limit. Spin up control tower and you immediately lose 2, leaving 2 sub-accounts. Spin up the 3rd and Control Tower shows the very helpful “Internal Error”. Work UI design I’ve ever seen



Mike Crowe

Was about to follow https://github.com/cloudposse/reference-architectures – is there an explanation for why this is required? Open a support ticket to request the limit of AWS accounts be increased for your organization (the default is 1).


Get up and running quickly with one of our reference architecture using our fully automated cold-start process. - cloudposse/reference-architectures

Erik Osterman

by default I think you can create 2 accounts

Erik Osterman

Erik Osterman

maybe they have increased the limits

Erik Osterman

also, if you get stuck @dalekurt has just gone through this

Erik Osterman

and learned A LOT

08:31:42 PM

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I haven’t hit a limit yet with AWS accounts under our org

Erik Osterman

maybe aged accounts are different