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I’m super excited to share our newest event  Code To Cloud Virtual Summit, a 24-hour security summit for practitioners by practitioners on March 23-24.

Have an interesting story on code, cloud or supply chain security? Check out our Call for Papers and submit a talk!

Code to Cloud Virtual Summit by Bridgecrew and Prisma Cloudattachment image

Join Bridgecrew and Prisma Cloud March 23-24 for a practitioner-focused global virtual summit dedicated to all things code to cloud security.


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Thrilled to share this cool event here: Snyk creates an initiative to make security 100x better in 2022 and rewards vulnerability fixes with free swag with #TheBigFix! This event will end with a 24-hour livestream Fix-a-Thon on February 25 but you can start fixing now https://snyk.co/tbf/devops

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Let’s make security 100x better in 2022! The Big Fix brings together developers, DevOps, and security practitioners of all skill levels to help make the