#gcp (2023-07)

Google Cloud Platform


Dhamodharan avatar

When i try to deploy a statefulset application on GKE(created by Autopilot mode) using cloudshell, its throwing the below error, can someone help me to fix this?

Error from server (GKE Warden constraints violations): error when creating "envs/local-env/": admission webhook "warden-validating.common-webhooks.networking.gke.io" denied the request: GKE Warden rejected the request because it violates one or more constraints.
Violations details: {"[denied by autogke-disallow-privilege]":["container increase-the-vm-max-map-count is privileged; not allowed in Autopilot"]}
Requested by user: 'dhamodharan', groups: 'system:authenticated'.