#gcp (2024-01)

Google Cloud Platform


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Thomas Asmerom

:wave: Hello, team! I wanted to consult if a GCP bucket write can be configured using clickOps to

  1. Add rate limiting to the bucket since it has public write permissions
  2. Allow only certain file extension types e.g. .html file only My investigation I think configuring gcp bucket for the above using clickOps is not possible So a backend service or cloud run can be a good option here. So my theory is since public write permission can be risky instead of directly hitting the bucket the client should hit cloud run or backend service -> check with a rate limit algorithm -> again checks if the file type is valid -> send http response to client

I also don’t think cloud function is a good option because it can only react to events like cleaning the bucket after a wrong file is added.


  1. So am I correct to assume this only can be done with backend service or cloud run?
  2. How about using terraform, is there a posibility?