#gitops (2019-11)

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ok thanks for the feedback. When you say “traditional CD tools”, you mean using a “push” approach where your CD tools is external to the target environment and launches (CLI) commands to update your deployments right ? (opposed to a “pull” approach, like argo or flux, where the CD tool is living within the target environment and watches a git repo for deployment updates)

Erik Osterman

No more like traditional tools that don’t have CRDs :-) traditional tools have a web UI you login to and follow along with streaming output. With Argo you get that. So I am hoping that by joining Argo with Flux we get the best of both.




Hi there Two of the biggest GitOps projects are joining forces : Argo CD and Flux CD ! https://github.com/argoproj/gitops-engine/tree/master Anybody having experience with these GitOps tools for Continuous Delivery in Production yet ?


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Erik Osterman

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing

Erik Osterman

Not yet. My hangup on using Flux is that Kubernetes operators are very poor at surfacing errors compared to traditional CD tools. My hangup on using Argo is the lack of first class CI :-)