#gitops (2020-07)

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anyone got a gitops flavored solution for triggering K8s Jobs that they like?

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here’s the “problem” i’m after: a dev who doesn’t use kubectl should be able to kick a job, check its status, view logs

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example use case might be data scientist who wants to run a processing job

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current approach is:

• push a git tag

• the CI builds the image

• syncs the job chart at that image

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so the CI becomes her way of seeing job status / tailing logs

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I think this is fine but not crazy about tying up a build for 1+ hours just to tail logs. Also +1 for a simple web UI

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current solution under consideration is Argo: the UI is a little perplexing but shows status & logs. Also frees up the build as the CI can just build image, update values, and be done.

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Argo events or Brigade seem better suited for this than having a CI system tail logs

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don’t know brigade thanks I’ll check it out; I agree re: CI tailing logs

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anyone create a custom github homebrew tap in a private repo ? getting authorization errors