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Anyone using helm-diff and/or helmfile with stable/prometheus-operator chart’s additionalPrometheusRules, mind testing/reviewing https://github.com/databus23/helm-diff/pull/232?

I believe you’ve been affected by https://github.com/databus23/helm-diff/issues/201, which is finally being fixed by the PR.


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jason einon

hi All! hope you are all well, I’ve just setup a gcs helm repo, access is currently open, have anyone set anything up where the bucket is private and you pass something for the helm repo add cmd ?

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Hi, We are using AWS s3 bucket to store the helm charts and it’s completely private. Install s3 plug-in for helm #helm s3 init <s3://bucketname> #helm repo add helm-chart-repo-private <s3://bucketname> #helm repo list #helm search repo helm-chart-repo-private #helm s3 push jenkins-0.1.0.tgz helm-chart-repo-private for more info https://andrewlock.net/how-to-create-a-helm-chart-repository-using-amazon-s3/

How to create a Helm chart repository using Amazon S3attachment image

In this post, I’ll show how you can use an AWS S3 bucket to host a Helm chart repository, how to push charts to it, and how to install charts from it.

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jason einon

found a handy blog. if anyone else has the question: https://www.arthurkoziel.com/private-helm-repo-with-gcs-and-github-actions/


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Matt Gowie

Does anybody know of a useful NOTES.txt file out there? The scaffold NOTES.txt is just noise to me, but I could see others coming up with some possibly useful information to stick in there. Quick google search didn’t turn up anything however.


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