#helm (2020-10)

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Hi! Me and my team are working at packaging out app into several helm charts linked with an umbrella chart. We have several services depending on others and need to pass secrets and values between them. The only ways we found was using global variables or common naming convention. Do you see any other ways that could ease this values sharing? Also we would like to avoid duplicating all the values, any insights? Thanks!

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

I know you’re already a #helmfile power user… so probably not much I can do to sway you. Why the umbrella chart as opposed to using a helmfile with multiple releases? Move the value calculations and secrets into helmfile (which can talk natively to SSM, ASM, Vault, Terraform state, etc) instead and pass them between releases that way.

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We though about using helm cause of ease of install and configuration from the client side, any easy alternatives?