#helm (2022-05)

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Hi Does anyone know how to enable Sigv4 auth in grafana on Prom Kube Stack using helm - I m trying to use it with aws managed Prometheus service. Issue https://github.com/prometheus-community/helm-charts/issues/2092

Is your feature request related to a problem ?

We have configured the prometheus to remoteWrite to the AWS Managed Prometheus service endpoint, however there is no option in the Grafana deployed with kube-prometheus-stack to enable the “Sigv4” auth on the prometheus datasource —this is needed to configure the AWS Managed Prometheus query endpoint as datasource and use the Sigv4 to assume the ServiceAccount IAM Role permissions.

Please advise if you have been able to solve this issue.

Describe the solution you’d like.

Settings / values to enable the sigv4 auth for grafana

Describe alternatives you’ve considered.

Deploy the https://github.com/grafana/helm-charts in a new namespace as the default installation allows to use “Sigv4” auth for the prometheus datasource.

Additional context.

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