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Questions and discussion around helmfile https://github.com/roboll/helmfile and https://github.com/cloudposse/helmfiles

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Joaquin Menchaca

I did a small blog on ingress-nginx + cert-manager + external-dns on GKE w/ Cloud DNS deployed w helmfile, and using Dgraph for testing gRPC traffic. https://joachim8675309.medium.com/gke-with-grpc-and-ingress-nginx-644730915677

GKE with gRPC and ingress-nginxattachment image

Using gRPC with ingress-nginx add-on with GKE



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Hi, what is the best solution for

• sharing templates between multiple Helmfiles in different repos, and

• sharing a default set of releases with dependencies between eachother, and

• retaining the ability to override/change one or more of those releases (i.e. no sub-helmfile usage, since sub-helmfiles don’t get exposed to their parent) ? All I could come up with so far is this, which seems a bit hacky:

{{ $_ := exec "git" (list "clone" "--depth=1" "<https://github.com/myorg/common.git>") }}

  - events: ["cleanup"]
    showlogs: true
    command: "rm"
    args: ["-rf", "common"]

  - common/environments.yaml
{{ tpl (readFile "common/templates.yaml") . }}

{{ tpl (readFile "common/releases.yaml") . }}


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Are there any articles of best practices on how to deal with timed out waiting for condition errors I would be amazing to at least have a message that displays when that error occurs to point application engineering on the right direction