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I am curious to know what devices everyone is integrating with.

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

For me, it’s:

• mostly Z-wave (thought I would use Zigbee or Matter if starting over)

• Zwave for all sensors (zwave seems very slow by comparison)

• Rachio for sprinklers

• Ambient weather for weather station for hyper-local weather info.

• Sonos for audio

• Bond for RF control of devices like fireplace

• Harmony Hub for control of projector

• Roombas/Scubas for vacuuming / mopping

• Ubiquity for all networking/APs/cameras

• Wired Ring Elite with custom plate for doorbells (due to aesthetics)

• Aqara door/window sensors, motion sensors (tiny, cheap and good looking)

• Envisalink for old ADT/Honeywell alarm system

• Aqualink for controlling swimming pool

• Hue for outdoor lighting

• Remootio for retrofitting/controlling gates and garages

• Some older outdoor Nest cams

• Tons of other integrations like with Peloton, Tesla, etc.

• Custom rest scrapers to pull data from WaterSmart Have everything integrated with Home Assistant → HomeKit. Works like a charm.