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At Relay Platform we’re building the next-generation collaboration platform for the insurance industry and we’re looking to hire an experienced senior engineer to help us further develop our product into new market areas and verticals, level up our existing team by tutoring and coaching junior engineers and to help guide the system architecture.

  We’re built on a Ruby on Rails backend using a Postgres DB with a GraphQL API connecting to a React based frontend.   Originally a Canadian company we have employees in both Canada and the US and are a fully remote team. We’re looking for applicants in the American timezones.   Please contact me to apply or if you would like more information.

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Relay is an online Software-as-a-Service solution helping insurance underwriters, MGAs, ceding teams and brokers to structure and secure risk transfers

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I did one of those beta calls with you guys, and I think I was the one that mentioned IFTTT for for devops

I’m a huge fan of this, but one of the challenges I have if I can try and sell this is understanding the possible a pricing model when I get asked about it and also the security side. I never did the second call but I think there were going to be some enhanced documents for detailing the security?

One last item I really want to know, is there any examples where you have workflows being triggered in Microsoft teams through a bot or a messaging button? I’m right in the middle of trying to figure out some quick chat pops type solutions and relay feels like the perfect win for that if I can integrate it.

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Relay is an online Software-as-a-Service solution helping insurance underwriters, MGAs, ceding teams and brokers to structure and secure risk transfers


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Bircan Bilici
03:04:04 PM

Hi Everyone, I’m working as an SRE for cirplus.io My contract ends soon, and actively looking for a DEVOPS, or SRE position. Stack: LINUX-AWS-(EKS, EBT, CODEBUILD, PIPELINES) - MOLECULER Microservices - TERRAGRUNT - TERRAFORM Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bircan-bilici-b11b16138/ Github: https://github.com/brcnblc/ email: [email protected]


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Hello all, I hope your day is going well. My company is currently seeking to fill an Azure Cloud Engineer role in Austin, TX.

Details may be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jesse-price-78528415a_azure-job-opening-activity-6679503614106456064-MR1K

Jesse Price posted on LinkedIn

Hello everyone! The company I work for, OneView Commerce, has an opening on our DevOps team for an Azure Engineer. Looking for a mid level engineer with…


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Can anyone write me a .tf script to launch https://github.com/aws-quickstart/quickstart-hitrust-csf? My scripts keep hanging on: Error: ROLLBACK_COMPLETE: ["AccessDenied. User doesn't have permission to call route53:GetHostedZone. Rollback requested by user."] I can enable quick access via MFA + AssumeRole. I’ll pay $25 on whatever platform is easiest for you. PM me if interested.


AWS Quick Start Team. Contribute to aws-quickstart/quickstart-hitrust-csf development by creating an account on GitHub.



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Robert Horrox

We are looking to fill a Senior DevOps Engineer role on my team. Role is based in New York City, they are open to remote workers. https://grnh.se/26776fc91us

Job - Bread

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Lauren Langdell

Hey Folks - I’m hiring for a start-up in CA exclusively, who are open to remote engineers too. In a nutshell, they looking to have confidential conversations with anyone based in the USA or Canada at the moment with strong AWS, ECS, Terraform, Docker, and some knowledge around VPC’s. Unfortunately due to the current climate, they are unable to sponsor visas right now sorry! please feel free to reach out if this sounds like it’s worth having an explore They are looking for someone mid-senior $150,000 on the base would be their sweet spot. I’m around in the evenings too until 9 pm PDT as I know you’re all busy during the day mostly.


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Job Board
04:51:26 PM

Bread - Senior DevOps Engineer Remote position based in New York is available. Check it out!

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Bread is a technology company that aims to transform the way the world shops online. We build tools, technologies and APIs that …


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Just saw an SRE survey that said right now SREs are spending only 25% on development work and 75% of time on operational tickets and issues. Crazy

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Jonathan Le

i got hired to do Serverless + Security, but I ended up mostly massaging Jira tickets, project planning and support tickets, with some Terraform and Python sprinkled in.

My title and actual duties are reaaaally not aligned. Sigh. I’m definitely in this camp.

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Sorry to hear that hope it gets better soon

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that’s because “SRE” has just been another name for “production ops” anywhere except google since it starting being used.

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every title gets abused over time, i think

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that one didnt take time to get abused though.

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masterful strategy…? google is already doing it, they can’t find enough people trained in the discipline, they publish a book on it, everyone needs to compete with google for people, so everyone starts their own sre discipline. now you have SREs everywhere…

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Tim Birkett
We tried “SysAdmin” didn’t work, we tried “(LinuxInfrastructure) Engineer” didn’t work, we tried “(DevopsPlatform) Engineer” didn’t work… Could it be that delivering reasonable, functional software at scale is hard? NO! We need “SRE”!
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Adam Crown

The titles are worthless. Ask 10 people what a SRE is, or what DevOps is. You’ll get 12 different answers..

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Jonathan Parker

DevOps is just DevSecOps without security!

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would be nice if there was some community based job title registrar where you can associate job duties. this way you can say things like, that’s not IETF-80 compliant task role, and then recruiters and survey people will try to be compliant

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

Great idea

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maybe we can build one

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hey guys - friend of mine from my EA days is looking for work. He’s looking for a Director level and above position in an IT org. Enterprise level or smaller shops are both OK. He’d prefer to remain based out of Orlando, but did say he’s open to relocating within the US. Anyone know anyone looking? I’m happy to make introductions, or you can hit him up on LI - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joenax/


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Hi all! I was told that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance. I hope that’s not true. I am looking to add someone (remote) to the team that takes pride in ensuring things continue to work well and entropy does not prevail. If you or someone you know enjoys taking on tricky customer support issues, troubleshooting, incidence response, with a sprinkle of DevOps to top things off, please reach out!

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Jonathan Parker

Haha. I left one of my previous jobs because I’m a Software Engineer and the company refused to hire any DevOps people.

For some reason they thought Developers would enjoy resizing EBS volumes when pet servers ran out of disk space and manually patching Windows EC2s when none of them even heard of WSUS.

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Jonathan Parker

The trick is that you should apply “you build it you run it” to new systems not 20yo legacy that the team didn’t build

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@Igor a bit of location information (remote, remote usa, eu, something) would go a long way on this post.

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@keen Remote US/Canada

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Aleksey Tsalolikhin