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Job opportunities (hiring or looking)

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Bradford Toney

Hi all - My team is currently looking for a DevOps Engineering. We’re a remote first company (formerly based out of New York). If you have any questions about our tech or how we run DevOps / what we do etc. feel free to reach out. https://jobs.lever.co/Bloomcredit/db73dc43-a371-4290-bc5d-820959f84181

Bloom Credit - DevOps Engineer (Remote)

Bloom seeks a DevOps Engineer to join our highly-skilled and passionate team working from New York City and across the United States. The ideal candidate is an experienced, motivated, self-starting engineer with experience building distributed systems



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Adam Blackwell

If anyone is looking for remote work or work in Boston, we’re putting a quick job fair together next Thursday! https://twitter.com/devopsdaysbos/status/1324420883545509889

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JOB SEEKERS!!! Our local community organizers are running a Boston #DevOps Job Fair NEXT WEEK on Thu the 12th from 10am-4pm. Registration (free) is open now! –> https://bit.ly/bdo-job-fair-20 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EmFJiSPXUAQBeXu.jpg



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Eric Alford

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a Senior SRE (Fully Remote - North America Only) to help us scale out supply chain infrastructure with one of our clients. We are open to contracting or full time, though if you join full time, we provide many benefits such as 401k with matching, medical, dental, vision, life, and a fitness & wellness program. This would be ideal for candidates looking for a flexible working schedule and work life balance.

Most important skill sets will be kubernetes (EKS), aws, and terraform.  Programming in python/go will be bonus points. This person will be taking over my duties so I can explain exactly what the job entails in more detail. Ping me on here or email me at [email protected]


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Chris Lavery

Weaveworks have just released an SA role, fully remote and globally applicable - https://weaveworks.breezy.hr/p/69aad97c808d01-pre-sales-solutions-architect - happy to answer any questions

Pre Sales Solutions Architect at Weaveworksattachment image

Pre Sales Solutions Architect (Open to all locations in the UK and EU) About Weaveworks Weaveworks was founded in 2014 and is the company behind popular Kubernetes tools like Flux, Scope, Cortex, EKSCTL (the official CLI for Amazon EKS) and the flagship enterprise product Weave Kubernetes Platfor

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Any thoughts on what to look for when interviewing a manager that’s going to lead your team? Super vague question but this is a first for me. I’m just starting to browse articles, blogs, etc…

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Think about what would you like or expect from your boss. Questions about priorities and how he/she would protect the team. I personally like if the manager has “the balls” to say No, to keep the team on track. But stopping a bad project is also important. Domain knowledge is useful

rei avatar

I hope that helps

MattyB avatar

Yep! Definitely.

I think some questions around creating, tracking, and measuring goals that are important and that have value within our organization.

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I would ask real life scenario questions, also you can incorporate things what happened last year and see how the candidate would handle it. If you have a few of those questions you know more about his technical experience, personal vibe and leadership. With that you probably can figure out how if that person is a match for your team.

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Next to that, you can ask if the candidate has read “The phoenix project” and/or Google SRE. And you can have a talk on how things are prioritised within the team etc..

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Oh yes, the Phoenix project is a must read!

rei avatar

Even if you are not into DevOps



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Looking for top of the game TF SA 175k multi cloud


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Diego Saavedra-Kloss

Hi guys, my company LeapYear is looking to hire someone to join me on our Infrastructure team. We are working on challenging deployment problems related to CI/CD, IaC (Terraform, Ansible, Packer), and high scalability with Kubernetes and Spark for processing very large sizes of data. At LeapYear we develop a privacy-preserving ML platform that is deployed at scale on Cloud or on-premise, with some of the worlds largest institutions and we’re looking for someone to help us build the software for these deployments so that we can increase the speed and reliability. If you’re interested in working on challenging deployment problems, using a modern and diverse tech stack, then let me know. You can also find some more info here: https://leapyear.io/careers You can also email me at [email protected] if you have more questions. Thank you!

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Seems like most positions are in San Francisco, are any of them remote?

Diego Saavedra-Kloss avatar
Diego Saavedra-Kloss

Yes. We are open to hire candidates who work remotely, depending on where you are located mostly for time zone reasons and when syncing with the rest of the team.

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East coast, night owl I’ll take a look and contact you

Diego Saavedra-Kloss avatar
Diego Saavedra-Kloss

Yeah, that’s not a problem. If you would live in the UK though… that would be a challenge!

Jason avatar

Is it open for Vietnam timezone (GMT+7) ? @Diego Saavedra-Kloss . Thanks

Diego Saavedra-Kloss avatar
Diego Saavedra-Kloss

@Jason not at the moment. Thank for you for asking.

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Emmanuel Gelati

From Santo Domingo?

Diego Saavedra-Kloss avatar
Diego Saavedra-Kloss

Hello @Emmanuel Gelati, openings are for US only for now. Thank you.




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Joan Porta

We are hiring in Hopin.to DevOps/SRE  and Security Enginner. 100% Full remote,  We are global, no mather where you live. Stack:  AWS, EKS, ECS, Terraform, ELK, GitHubActions, Video streaming. https://boards.greenhouse.io/hopin/jobs/4253469003?gh_src=be8fa7bf3us  and https://boards.greenhouse.io/hopin/jobs/4253844003?gh_src=ab8542513us

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applied , My interest and work experience on the fields you mentioned match , . please take a look at my profile https://linkedin.com/in/arjundandagi