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Job opportunities (hiring or looking)

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James Conroy-Finn

Hi everyone!

Clash are looking for an individual (or potentially small team) to help spin up their new production infrastructure. Immediate start, Terraform, AWS, video streaming, mobile clients on top of a GraphQL backend, and a bunch of social features so some interesting problems to solve!


Clash | Empowering Creators

Building the next-generation monetization platform for creators and fans.

Clash - Devops

Our creators and their fans deserve a scalable, secure, and constantly evolving backend. You’ll help us deliver this by leading the design, configuration, and deployment of our company infrastructure, working closely with other technical folks on the backend team. We need someone who can automate the boring things, scale the important things, and troubleshoot the broken things. You should have experience with deploying, monitoring, and scaling high-traffic web APIs serving mobile clients, and should be an advocate for protecting our creators data and ensuring their success! We offer flexible working hours, pay a decent market rate, and have a team of caring, motivated, and highly emotionally intelligent people ready to work with you on building a world-class platform for creators and their millions of fans.

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Director of SysOps (DevOps) at Magic Memories Digital, Ltd.attachment image

There is a good chance you have already met us, and you didn’t even know it! Have you ever been to a theme park and had your picture taken? Then there is…

Director of Engineering Development at Magic Memories Digital, Ltd.attachment image

Our globally distributed team works in an Agile, well-supported, remote-only environment across multiple time zones. We have developed solid remote practices…


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Hello all, I am looking for some Cloud/DevOps opportunities on contract basis, please let me know if you guys hear of any openings , Name - Sharanya R linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharanya-r-018a23175/ phn - 919-893-8099, email- [email protected]



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Hello, I am a DevOps and Azure Architect. In my current job I have setup full pipeline deployment with Terraform, Ansible, Azure Vault, and Kubernetes . I am located in France and open to remote position to work on Terraform and Azure only.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pverdon/

MP me and I’ll share my full CV.



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Eric Alford

Hey everyone. We are looking for a Senior Platform Engineer to work as a consultant for our largest client (Chick-fil-a). Solid understanding of AWS, kubernetes (EKS), terraform, cloudformation, and containerization is what they are looking for. Fully remote with flexible working hours and they pay competitively. Must be located in North America. DM me if this sounds interesting to you.


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Doug Lane (he/him)

Hi, I’m Doug Lane, and I’m searching for my next leadership/management SRE/DevOps role (not as an individual contributor). I am in the US (EDT). I have leadership experience and a current technical skill set (eg., AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Python). If you know of a place where I can contribute, please DM me. Thanks in advance! https://www.linkedin.com/in/dougl. Also, if you’re searching for your next role, and I’m connected to someone or a company that has a role you’re interested in, please reach out, and I’ll try to connect you or give you a referral.

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Hey wave, looking for bringing in a devOps guy/gal who loves geeking out on Terraform, Docker and AWS on a freelancing basis.

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Interested I work as a DevOps Engineer

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Chris Fowles


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Chris Fowles

puppy on keyboard (puppy message now deleted)



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Jonathan Le

We are hiring for Senior/Architect DevOps esp. in Canada and Mexico, but also open to US remote at DigitalOnUs: https://www.digitalonus.com/join-us/

I think there’s a pretty heavy concentration on Azure right now too, so if that’s your thing, we’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to DM for more details.

DigitalOnUs | Join Usattachment image

We at DigitalOnUs are excited to see more enthusiastic DevOps Engineers who can help our customer. Click to Join Us.


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Vicent Llongo

Hey all! At Leadfeeder we are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer within Europe to join our remote-first SRE team! You can read more about us and the role here: https://www.leadfeeder.com/jobs/site-reliability-engineer-europe/

Role: Site Reliability Engineer

Tech stack & tools: AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, MySQL/PostgreSQL/Aurora, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Prometheus, New Relic…

Location: Remote, physically located in Europe

Compensation: $85K-$110K USD / year Any questions don’t hesitate to DM me!

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Piotr Hryszko
12:48:09 PM

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Vicent Llongo
12:55:24 PM

it crowd

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Vincenzo Marragony

I mean… I think there’s a reason if they’re looking for a SRE