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Hi all, CCL / Leaven just posted some roles on Seek for Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland (basically looking for intermediate and seniors everywhere)

All roles are full time, perm.

Cloud DevOps Engineer: $100,000 - $130,000 NZD Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer: $130,000 - $170,000 NZD

AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer - Auckland https://www.seek.co.nz/job/53291850?type=standout#searchRequestToken=63ca4a5d-9e06-497b-962a-1a0759ad739c

AWS Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer - Auckland https://www.seek.co.nz/job/53291976?type=standout#searchRequestToken=63ca4a5d-9e06-497b-962a-1a0759ad739c

AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer - Wellington https://www.seek.co.nz/job/53291687?type=standout#searchRequestToken=63ca4a5d-9e06-497b-962a-1a0759ad739c

AWS Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer - Wellington https://www.seek.co.nz/job/53290901?type=standout#searchRequestToken=63ca4a5d-9e06-497b-962a-1a0759ad739c

AWS Cloud DevOps Engineer - Christchurch https://www.seek.co.nz/job/53291207?type=standout#searchRequestToken=63ca4a5d-9e06-497b-962a-1a0759ad739c

AWS Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer - Christchurch https://www.seek.co.nz/job/53291351?type=standout#searchRequestToken=63ca4a5d-9e06-497b-962a-1a0759ad739c


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08:41:52 PM

[Edit: Removed for now. I’ll add it back when I have a chance to get more info.]

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Matthew Bonig

Just FYI, Colorado law went into effect at the beginning of this year that requires any job postings available to CO residents to post a salary range.

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Matthew Bonig

You may need to update this post or the job req to meet those requirements.

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Ah, thanks for the heads up. Sorry, I don’t normally do much for the HR people these days.

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I don’t actually have that info. I should probably take this down for the moment then and see if I can get more details this week.


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Ryan Fee

Hi everyone! Scalr is hiring for a developer advocate role that will be a crucial part of our continued growth! Please shoot me an email ([email protected]) if interested! https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2666374092/?refId=5KryZRPcQfeARTsI%2FTaQMg%3D%3D




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Andy Miguel (Cloud Posse)

hey folks! if you or someone you know loves Release Engineering, check out this opening we have at Cloud Posse https://careers.bluepisces.com/jobs/4nzr8wT2nBf_/sr-release-engineer-remote

Hiring for Sr. Release Engineer (Remote)
Posted by : Blue Pisces Consulting Inc
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Dmytro Shamenko

When I will be interested in a new role, definitely will take a look on Cloud Posse. You guys doing a great job. Thanks for sharing.

Hiring for Sr. Release Engineer (Remote)
Posted by : Blue Pisces Consulting Inc


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James D. Bohrman

We’re always looking to grow our writing team at Cloudspeakers!

The ideal candidate possesses a passion for writing and a strong knowledge of cloud-native concepts. You will be responsible for generating highly technical and compelling stories for a variety of mediums.


• Writing highly technical cloud-native marketing content

• Developing a strategy for distributing written content

• Optimizing content using SEO best practices Skills

• Linux

• Docker

• Kubernetes

• Rancher

• Observability Tools

• DevOps Qualifications

• A proven portfolio of past written content

• Strong grammar and proofreading skills

• Knowledge of cloud-native concepts

• An ability to pick up new concepts quickly If this is something you’d like more info about, shoot me a DM with your previous writing here and let’s talk it up!

Cloudspeakersattachment image

We are a bespoke technical content agency serving the cloud-native technology market.



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Hey guys, at Business Insider, we’re doing a lot of hiring on the SRE team We’re looking to get a new director and fill up a few open positions Director of SRE//www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2418178023> SRE//www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2546109755>


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Eric Berg

I’m hiring a DevOps engineer at Brace. We’re a 40-person startup, based in NYC, with SaaS offerings in the mortgage sector. We are an Kubernetes(EKS)/AWS/Terraform/Datadog shop. I’m looking for a mid-to-senior-level engineer to join my team.

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Rhys Davies

Hi all Golden is looking for an Infrastructure Engineer to help us grow. Golden is a self constructing knowledge base, and we’ve been hard at work putting our business clients in touch with the world’s data. Golden started as a YCombinator seed funded company 5 years ago, closed a 14.5m Series A round led by a16z in 2019 and has continued to grow comfortably even through the uncertainty of the pandemic.

As an infrastructure engineer you’d be writing and maintaining our infrastructure-as-code (Terraform), managing our cloud (AWS) resources, and helping open doors with infra and devops solutions as Golden scales up. We’re a small team, fully remote (team is mainly USA based but our dev team spans from SF to Prague) and passionate about what we do.

We’d love to hear from you https://golden-recursion-inc.breezy.hr/p/43262930b2c0-infrastructure-engineer

Golden - Wiki

Golden is a company started in San Francisco, USA. The company is building an encyclopedia and knowledge tool. The founder and CEO of Golden is Jude Gomila.

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Marc Woodford

Hey team,

Hopin is hiring! We’re a start-up, founded in 2019, currently on a mission to make the world feel closer. We specialise in Events, both online, hybrid and in-person, and are currently the fastest growing start-up in the world.

We’re a fully remote company, so nobody is going to be required to go to any offices ever, and we hire in ca. 20 different countries, including USA, Canada, Argentina, UK, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland.

We’re currently hiring for a bunch of different infrastructure roles, among them:

Site Reliability Engineer - AMER

Site Reliability Engineer, Observability - EMEA

Principal Engineer, Infrastructure All of our offers will also include equity + benefits.

Our platform is based on AWS, and we require our SREs to be well versed with k8s and Terraform.


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Hi Folks, We are hiring multiple Cloud Infrastructure Engineers. We are a fully remote company (based in Ireland) with a strong engineering culture. We are looking for some opinionated engineers with strong AWS experience to join our team! We use Terraform / Terraform Cloud, Chalice, python heavily.


Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Conjuraattachment image

Join Conjura as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer! Help define interactions between systems and improve the security posture of the cloud!