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Jonathan Martin

Hi! ProDev is hiring for several mid-to-senior level DevOps/Infrastructure Engineers. Contract only, no W2 positions at the moment. Specifically looking for individuals with AWS/Terraform/Ansible/Kubernetes expertise. Please DM me if interested or apply here: https://prodev.breezy.hr/p/0d489faec226-senior-devops-engineer


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ProDev is looking for US-based Sr. DevOps Engineers! This role will be focused on helping our clients to design, implement, maintain, and support cloud infrastructure. Additionally this role will work with development teams to build, test and deploy changes to new and existing software platforms .


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Tammer Saleh

Hello fellow SweetOps Kubernauts!!

Looking for that 4 day/wk life?

We’re a (very) small band of highly experienced distributed systems engineers who help our clients with the most interesting of Kubernetes-related problems. We’ve always been 100% remote (GMT-4 through GMT-8 only) and pride ourselves on a culture of growth, collaboration, and work/life balance.

We’re looking for a couple of contractors to help round out our team. As a contractor you’ll work four days a week, have tons of flexibility for sabbaticals, and your invoices are paid within 10 days, regardless of when our clients pay us.

Read more at https://superorbital.io/careers or just email us at [email protected]

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The absolute best Kubernetes engineering and training in the market.



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Pablo Vittori

Hey colleagues, we have a nice team around 65 Cloud Architects, Engineers, Devops, Data Architects based in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico with competitive rates, let me know if you need a team to solve projects! https://www.nubiral.com or reach me at [email protected]

Nubiral - Innovate withs us - A Company of Technological Experts

A company of technological experts, who lead the way towards digital innovation. Know us we have services and products especially for you.


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Gemma Hayes

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re having a great week!

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer at Brain Racers. We are an early-stage EdTech & eSports startup with a vision of building an entertaining platform that celebrates brain performance. The core game as the name suggests is a racing game where we combine academic curriculums with fun cognitive challenges all in a racing format. We have been working with a network of 100-150 teachers and organizing small virtual tournaments all over North America customized to grade level and subject. We have run around 50 race events and found that this is a super fun way for students to connect with their learning. We want to disrupt the education model!

We’re looking for a senior dev ops leader with a high level of PHP experience who is keen for a cool project, with a great team where they can make an impact and join as we scale. This is a part-time, 100% remote, equity based role, with increasing financial opportunities over time. You can DM me on here, apply via email to [email protected] or apply here https://brainracers.gg/join-us/

Look forward to hearing from y’all

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Brain Racers is on a mission to build the world’s first eSports platform for education. We need the best people we can find to help us do it. Apply today.


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Gonna double down on this. Still looking for that unicorn and no one’s met the bar yet https://sweetops.slack.com/archives/CBWJ68W9X/p1644943117204209

Hi all. Enigma Technologies is looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer. We have an office in NYC but in reality everyone is fully remote. Enigma offers $15,000 to anyone who refers a candidate that ends up being hired.

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Alan Kis

Fully remote - remote - meaning remote from USA? Thanks

Hi all. Enigma Technologies is looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer. We have an office in NYC but in reality everyone is fully remote. Enigma offers $15,000 to anyone who refers a candidate that ends up being hired.

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We have most of the ppl in US, a couple in Europe and a few in Morocco.

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I’d say that US mainland timezones are preferred

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We filled this role



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Golang experts , need some paid help . Please DM if interested