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James Beardon

Hello all!

I am seeking a Golang software Engineer to work fully remotely with a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ team helping developers worldwide (and teams like Hashicorp, CircleCI and Puppet) deploy containerised and cloud based applications at scale using a single architecture.

The role: This role involves implementing, testing and deploying new enhancements and updates to products, whist building and then supporting software for their highly technical user-base of software developers, focussing on a Go and Kubernetes stack.

What they are looking for: The team are looking for someone with Strong Golang Development experience. Ideally you would have experience with Kubernetes as well, but they are more than happy to train and develop your skills around this on this (they have already supported 2 engineers with their CKAD course, paying them for it and letting them complete the training for it during working hours).

What they can offer: Salaries of upto $195k/£135k/€165k healthcare, dental and 401k. The company is committed to Fully Remote working and offers a generous support package including reimbursement for setting up your space, internet, and shared workspaces.

Locations: The team is a diverse 100% remote globally distributed group of engineers, and are able to hire from the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands

Please DM or email me at [email protected] to find out more.


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Sulma Bravo

~My employer, CompanyCam is hiring an~Infrastructure Engineer!*~Must Haves:~ ~Strong understanding of AWS VPC, RDS and S3~ ~Experience designing systems for security and high availability.~ ~Strong experience with Terraform to automate production workflows.~ ~Strong experience deploying containerized environments in production.~ ~Proficient writing scripts in Bash, Ruby and/or Python.~ ~Reside permanently and currently somewhere in the U.S or Canada. Alas, we’re not set up to hire outside of the U.S and Canada.~“Our devs love working here! In this hyper-competitive software development job market, guess how many of our developers have chosen to leave in the last two years. Seriously, guess. Ready? …One!”_~ ~Compensation based on experience: $135k-$170k_~*Location:* Remote~Full Time_~ ~Other open roles:*~• ~Senior Mobile Developer](https://grnh.se/67c992913us)~• ~Engineering Manager](https://grnh.se/67c992913us)

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contact methods?



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hey all, my name is Mihai and I’m the Director of DevOps here at Brave (yes, the browser that blocks ads natively, including YouTube ones ;-)) looking to expand the team with someone to help with DevOps/WebOps, ideally full-time employee on US timezones but also open to part-time/freelance/other timezones for the right ones please apply or get in touch if you like to pick what you work on and lead end-to-end, forever remote/autonomous/async work, no daily stand-ups/JIRA/time tracking/shenanigans or micromanagement (unless you really want me to) https://brave.com/careers/?gh_jid=4104835

Join us to Change the Web Together | Brave Browserattachment image

Brave offers a new way of thinking and experiencing how the web should work. We’re on a mission to fix the web by giving users a faster, safer and better browsing experience while supporting content creators through an ecosytem of rewards. It’s so much more than your typical browser. Join the Brave revolution.

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Dropped in an app!

Join us to Change the Web Together | Brave Browserattachment image

Brave offers a new way of thinking and experiencing how the web should work. We’re on a mission to fix the web by giving users a faster, safer and better browsing experience while supporting content creators through an ecosytem of rewards. It’s so much more than your typical browser. Join the Brave revolution.

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Tammer Saleh

Hello fellow Kubernauts!!

Looking for that 4 day/wk life?

We’re a (very) small band of highly experienced distributed systems engineers who help our clients with the most interesting of Kubernetes-related problems. We’ve always been 100% remote (GMT-4 through GMT-8 only) and pride ourselves on a culture of growth, collaboration, and work/life balance.

We’re looking for a couple of contractors to help round out our team. As a contractor you’ll work four days a week, have tons of flexibility for sabbaticals, and your invoices are paid within 10 days, regardless of when our clients pay us.

Read more at https://superorbital.io/careers or just email us at [email protected]

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The absolute best Kubernetes engineering and training in the market.



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Hey, anyone ever went AWS TAM interview? Recently gotta prepare for it.

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Former TAM here… what do you want to know?

mado avatar

Thanks a lot! I wanna know the interview process and is it necessary to prepare coding etc.?

jsreed avatar

Sure thing… no real coding questions at all, focuses more on bigger picture, architecture, what service to use where in a 3 tier web application, learn the leadership principles forward and backward, and figure one or two scenarios from previous jobs where you “leveraged” something like a leadership principle, explain why it worked. They will move relatively fast asking question and take notes the whole time so don’t be distracted by that, they will change direction on you too to see how you handle the stress and can move from topic to topic.

jsreed avatar

General logic questions, how to handle difficult people/customers. Play up your strengths and speak to those, view everything through the lens of the leadership principles, that is the koolaid you will need to drink every day to succeed.

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The tam role is big on soft skills, how well can you speak, communicate ideas, and engage your audience

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Fair warning it’s relatively cut throat, you will be under a lens at all times by your manager but also your peers, they will constantly critique and breakdown all your work and how it could be done more the “amazon way” know that nothing you do is good enough, accept it and roll with it and you will do fine.

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Also you will most likely not be interviewed by your peers/highering manager, it could be people from anywhere in AWS and may not even be a TAM

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Hmmm, thanks a lot! Other people from AWS during interview will be focus on behavior questions? Like 5 rounds OA gotta answer all OLP questions right?

jsreed avatar

Answer what you can, if you don’t know say so, and that you will look into the answer because your curious

Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse) avatar
Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

Thanks @jsreed for those insights - really interesting

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something I see missing here is that the Amazon Way(tm) comes into play heavily throughout the process.

Including in the written papers you have to deliver as part of the loop. At least for my Principle TAM loop.

You’re heavily graded on how well you follow the Amazon Way(tm) during the process.

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and my loop was exclusively with other TAMs and my hiring manager. (but it wasn’t a general purpose role, either. they were interviewing me for a single specific client)


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Davina Anthony

hello all, i am looking for a devops junior or entry role, I’m Davina Anthony, I am a Cloud Devops Engineer, with a Civil engineering degree from Covenant University. I have an AWS cloud practitioner certificate and I’m currently enrolled in the Udacity DevOps Nanodegree program. Prior to that I worked as a Junior Cloud DevOps engineer in Suburban Fiber company, where I worked on applications to improve the company’s profitability. I am hoping to use the skills I have gained at the Udacity program, coupled with my experience to build highly scalable infrastructures and services.

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Hi @Davina Anthony , which timezone are you located in?

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Davina Anthony

hello, @hkaya my time zone is GMT +1. i have no problem with working remotely