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Job opportunities (hiring or looking)

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Hi, I am looking for DevOps/Kubernetes engineer position.

I am available from 20th December. Open to full time as well as contracting roles.

Here is resume.

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Interests counter strike

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Yes, that too 1.6



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Hey everyone,

My name is Hristo, nice e-meet you all! Thanks for accepting me in this group.

I am a tech recruiter working for Trengo. Trengo is a fast-growing, people-centric, scale-up located right next to Utrecht Central Station. We keep growing, and we keep expanding our product team - remaining a user-first, product-first company

I am currently recruiting for 3 Frontend Engineers (2 medior and 1 senior), as well as 1 Cloud Engineer (with data interest). Important to note is that we are based in Utrecht and we work in a hybrid way. Currently, we only consider candidates that are based in the Netherlands, and potentially nearby (e.g., Germany, Belgium, and the UK)

Frontend vacancies: https://trengo.com/en/careers/medior-frontend-engineer/ & https://trengo.com/en/careers/frontend-engineer/ Cloud vacancy: https://trengo.com/en/careers/cloud-engineer/

I’ll be happy to share anything else. If you have any questions. You can reply here or email me at [email protected]

Wish all of you a nice evening and enjoy the festive month



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Sulma Bravo

Hello! New job opportunity at CompanyCam! Let me know if you’d like me to share your resume.

New role: Engineering Manager must haves:

• Senior-level experience with and knowledge of React, React Native OR Ruby on Rails.

• Experience working as a professional senior software engineer.

• Experience managing people in a team context.

• Experience recruiting, interviewing, and hiring software engineers.

Reside permanently and currently somewhere in the U.S. or Canada.

• Our salary range is $165,000 - $190,000 and is based on experience.

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Senior level experience in the technology but the description reads as a people manager track not a staff engineer. Just feedback that this seems at odds with the intended role. YMMV




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Hi everyone,

I am not a recruiter, but sharing for those that are looking for new opportunities. CI&T has several openings in various locations, and also fully remote.

Developers, SDET (QA), Architects, DevOps, Mobile, UX, Scrum Master, etc…

Please check on the link; https://jobs.lever.co/ciandt?lever-via=8_TtIBklnG


Job openings at CI&T


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Defense Unicorns is hiring a Staff Engineer- Kubernetes.

Salary: $215k - 250k

100% remote and always will be.

Must be a US citizen and residing in the US.

Reasons to be a Unicorn:

• Help literally put Kubernetes on Submarines!

• Work with awesome open source tools like Zarf and Big Bang!

• Have the coolest mascot ever! (His name is Doug) https://lnkd.in/gbKNzFWd


DevSecOps for Air Gap & Limited-Connection Systems. https://zarf.dev/



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Adam Blackwell

Hey all! If you are or someone you know may be interested in joining my team at edX, please reach out! We have a couple US remote roles and lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Plus, you’d get to work with me!

Engineer II - SRE ($100-125k) Engineer III - SRE ($120-150k) Engineer IV - SRE (aka Senior) ($145-$165)

I’m the hiring manager for one of the two Engineer II roles & Alex Trepca is the hiring manager for the other roles.

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Adam Blackwell

Correction* One of the two Engineer III roles is on my team.

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Antarr Byrd

@Adam Blackwell I’m looking to move into SRE or something DevOps related.

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Adam Blackwell

Hey @Antarr Byrd! Thanks for reaching out, I’ll shoot you a DM & get you connected with our team.

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ahsan aftab

Hey @Adam Blackwell, i am 15 years experience developer plus DevOps person and i am interested in this opportunity.

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Kashif Rahman

Hey @Adam Blackwell seems nice one. I have approx 18 years experience as DevOps/SRE role.



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I am a web developer for 7 years now. Looking to do a bootcamp and switch my role to devops.

Anyone that has some experience and know some good one to recommend?

I would be keen to learn & work with

• One or more of the cloud providers - aws azure or gcp.

• Work on monitoring, setting up the alerting and so on.

• Work on deploying the infrastructure, preferably with terraform.

• Work with deploying the different parts of a web application with k8s, preferably though a cloud provider hosted k8s.

• Pipelines

• Etc

Any tips are really welcomed. The bootcamp scene is vast these days.

Thank you all

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https://kodekloud.com/ https://acloudguru.com/ This two I have used and can recommend

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Hey @Azar these look good. I ve used acloudguru before and it works if you have a lot of motivation.

I am looking for a bootcamp where u are have live classes and other people participating in the course. I ve concluded an ecosystem would keep me more motivated than videos.

Thank u though

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I haven’t looked in years, but maybe coursera.org or udemy.com has a live course.

Christos avatar

Will do check! Thank you @jrade

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You should try Devops bootcamp by Nana, might be a bit on the pricy side but it’s worth it.