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Alex Siegman

Kinda dead in here, but @Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse) and co, I’ve added feature gates to the kops template. hoping for a review. I didn’t see any notes on contributing for docs, but happy to fix that up also: https://github.com/cloudposse/reference-architectures/pull/48

Adds featureGates to API Server by asiegman · Pull Request #48 · cloudposse/reference-architectures

what Allows kops to configure feature gates on the kubernetes API server Will look for KOPS_KUBE_API_SERVER_FEATURE_GATES_ENABLED and if true, use a space separated list of feature flags to enable…

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

@Andriy Knysh (Cloud Posse) can you review?

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

@Jeremy G (Cloud Posse)