#kubecost (2019-10)


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Hi @AG this is a new one for me. Is this for the prometheus-server volume itself or something else?

Hi @webb it is resolved now. It was the problem with PVC where its not updating the volume size. worked when re-increased the size.

Glad to hear! Let me know if you have any other questions or issues.


@here after increasing pvc for prometheus-server and restarting the pod still seeing the below error

err="opening storage failed: zero-pad torn page: write /data/wal/00001581: no space left on device"


how to encrypt passwords in helm values.yaml, any good documents is appreciated. Thanks

Erik Osterman

see my answer in #kubernetes


@AG if the prometheus-node-exporter already running in the cluster, how do I use it for kubecost

If it’s running on the default nodePort it should just get picked up by or Prometheus


You can also disable our node exporter

@webb will it work if node-exporter running in different namespace?

Yep, it should if port is correct. Our front end (settings) will tell you if those metrics are not scraped successfully.

Thank you @webb

Of course! Let me know if we can help anywhere else

sure. Recently I started working on it.. will definitely post here if any question. Thanks again.