#kubernetes (2021-06)


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Hi All, Does anybody know a good guide/book/video that explains how you auto scale pods. More specifically, how to choose the best metric ?

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I just came across this article yesterday: https://learnk8s.io/kubernetes-autoscaling-strategies

I haven’t read it yet myself, just added it to my “to read” list so far.

Architecting Kubernetes clusters — choosing the best autoscaling strategy

Learn how to size your cluster nodes, configure the Horizontal and Cluster Autoscaler, and overprovision your cluster for faster pod scaling.


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Brian A.
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Sean Turner

I think I borrowed the service account from that, which is declared here: https://github.com/seanturner026/kube-playground/blob/509175b8d4fc1128b96a06a92a6c41b8c5fe1d73/terraform/resources.tf#L13-L30

And then I used the module in this code to create the role. For some reason I wasn’t able to get the role arn from the output though https://github.com/seanturner026/kube-playground/blob/509175b8d4fc1128b96a06a92a6c41b8c5fe1d73/terraform/modules.tf#L81-L90


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Sean Turner

Hey, does anyone have a reference for deploying the aws ALB controller with terraform (The new one, not the aws alb ingress controller) ? Every resource I come across utilises eksctl and the create service account step confuses me as I don’t know what the role and its trust relationship looks like.


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Andrey Nazarov

What do you, folks, have as a policy of modifying K8s yamls of running services directly? If you deploy with Helm, for example, is it allowed in your org to make one-off direct changes in yamls of running services in some special cases?