#kubernetes (2024-01)


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joey jensen

What do people use to monitor their Kubernetes clusters? Any recommendations on what to use or not to use? I’ve got a dedicated cluster provided to my team, but no monitoring yet that’s set up and going to my team. I’m planning to setup & install something very soon being it’s a fairly important cluster to me.

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I can strongly recommend robusta.dev, it’s open source and the free plan offers the same features as the paid (which are quite affordable) but with a shorter retention of the events and metrics. It’s also useful for cost optimization. Very easy to setup and use, and the people are very helpful, I even got a few feature requests implemented very quickly.

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Balazs Varga

We use victoriametrics and blackbox exporter

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some people use Prometheus to gather/monitor metrics and Grafana for data visualization

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yeah we go with Prom/Grafana as well, they’re free and super popular so the advantage is the massive documentation/ecosystem to get any answer you’re looking for