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Does anyone have experience with consul connect and envoy as the side proxy? I’m using ECS and have the following questions:

  1. How do you register your services? We currently use registrator but it doesn’t seem to be very well maintained and doesn’t support consul connect. We have looked at docker-consul-envoy but it seems like we would need to generate a service configuration for each service which seems tedious.
  2. Do you have to explicitly define the upstreams for each service? This seems like a maintenance nightmare.
  3. How do you manage/define intentions which allow service A to talk to service B? Here is an example configuration from a Hashicorp walk through as an example for the upstreams definition:
service {
  name = "dashboard"
  port = 9002

  connect {
    sidecar_service {
      proxy {
        upstreams = [
            destination_name = "counting"
            local_bind_port  = 5000

  check {
    id       = "dashboard-check"
    http     = "<http://localhost:9002/health>"
    method   = "GET"
    interval = "1s"
    timeout  = "1s"

Service registry bridge for Docker with pluggable adapters - gliderlabs/registrator


Docker image with Consul and Envoy. Contribute to nicholasjackson/docker-consul-envoy development by creating an account on GitHub.