#pr-reviews (2021-10)

Pull Request Reviews for Cloud Posse Projects


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Florian SILVA

Hello guys, I recently refreshed my previous PR above according to suggestions and recent rebase. Is it possible to have another review on it for merging ?


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https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-ses/pull/51 Can someone take a look at this (very small) PR? Thanks

feat: output the iam group name by syphernl · Pull Request #51 · cloudposse/terraform-aws-sesattachment image

what Added the ses_group_name output why The IAM Group can be created based on input or based on context (default). In the latter case it would be helpful to have the output of the group for doi…

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Brian Ojeda
ignore origin bucket mfa delete by sgtoj · Pull Request #190 · cloudposse/terraform-aws-cloudfront-s3-cdnattachment image

what ignore mfa_delete property for origin s3 bucket why mfa_delete is not controlled by this module references #189



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Brian Ojeda

bumping this ^