#prometheus (2021-08)


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hi guys, can somebody help explain how exporters work ? i’m trying to setup a database exporter (postgres, oracle). am i supposed to run an exporter binary on the prometheus VM or container? what if the target DBs are in separate AWS Accounts and AWS regions? Just curious what the topology is supposed to look like.

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Tom Dugan

Topology is going to be a it depends answer. In general the exporter will expose the metrics in a manner that prometheus can consume them, so exporter will connect to your db and then expose an endpoint that prometheus will scrape.

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@Tom Dugan thanks for the answer (apologies for catching this late).

• So is it appropriate to have an oracle-database-exporter or postgres-database-exporter running on an EC2 vm, in some sharedservices account?

• we’d have to get all rds security groups to allow the prometheus exporter’s IP range, right? Since the RDS’ would be in separate accounts, there’s no way we can reference them by security group.