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Pratiksha Dake

Hello Everyone,

Can you imagine a 25x faster time to go live?

Facets.cloud is hosting a webinar on how Purplle.com, one of the largest e-beauty destinations, was able to do just that! They harnessed the power of Platform Engineering to mitigate complex problems in SDLC process, enhance developer productivity, and increase deployment time, and as a result, experienced a 25x faster time to go live.

Psst: Still sounds too good to be true?

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth on 11th October, 4:30 PM IST.

In this Webinar, Suyash Katyayani Co-founder and CTO at Purplle will talk about how they tackled rising complexities within their microservices architecture with finesse.

Register here: https://app.zuddl.com/p/a/event/6f84d3ee-430c-4235-bfbf-9a641ed170d2

How Purplle uses Platform Engineering to handle 10x complexityattachment image

In this webinar, Suyash Katyayani, Co-Founder and CTO at Purplle, talks about how the D2C beauty and wellness platform harnessed the power of platform engineering to revolutionize their DevOps workflows, and overcame the problem of rising complexity and tribal knowledge within their microservices architecture.

Suyash will also speak about how adopting Platform Engineering principles helped Purplle’s team solve complex problems in their SDLC process, enhanced developer productivity, and accelerated deployments - ultimately making their time to go-live 25x faster.


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Alex Atkinson

Here’s another conversation (versioning) I’ve had a thousand times as a GIST, for those who may benefit from having such a resource. https://gist.github.com/AlexAtkinson/7be00d6be71fab970210006b9574e1e5

Let me know if there’s anything valuable to add.

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Alex Atkinson

And let me know if you have any other examples of tools that require semver…


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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

:notebook: Generates a README.md from the GitHub Action’s action.yml

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Hao Wang
Exploits released for Linux flaw giving root on major distrosattachment image

Proof-of-concept exploits have already surfaced online for a high-severity flaw in GNU C Library’s dynamic loader, allowing local attackers to gain root privileges on major Linux distributions.



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Alex Atkinson

So we want newer, better, faster, but that comes with fancy new flaws… And we don’t want old crud, because that has all the old crud flaws… I say we give up on computers. Clearly we’re not ready for them yet. Though the same could be said for pointy sticks…



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You’ll poke your eye out.



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Hi everyone, I’m Hugo from Mergify wave

We are conducting a survey about CI use to better understand the specific issues CI users are facing.

As we prepare to launch our new product, CI Monitoring, it will help us enhance our understanding of CI users’ workflow.

The form is below, 3 minutes, non-mandatory answers. Thanks!


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there is bug in form, under name, it requires email

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Also the organization size input does not allow something between 250 and 500

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LPdev It

https://www.reddit.com/r/softwarearchitecture/comments/16zx6bv/monolith_to_cloud/ hi everybody, could I please ask you some advices on this thread? Thank you guys!

Monolith to Cloud

Hi, I’m looking to convert an old monolith, written in Java, into some kind of modern software. Right now I have a single Centos server (16 CPU,…



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Alex Atkinson

I cut my webapp teeth on PHP4/5, and I remember this bologna: “A bool true value is converted to the string "1". bool false is converted to "" (the empty string). This allows conversion back and forth between bool and string values.”… Are there any other languages where false does not equal false or 0?

Alex Atkinson avatar
Alex Atkinson

Thinking: “I can’t be THIS bad at programming…” while trying to get an if statement to work using echo $some_bool_var…

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

In JavaScript, I believe 0 == false is true, but 0 === false is false.

Alex Atkinson avatar
Alex Atkinson

Hmmm… Yea. I can see that. The int 0 will not === the bool 0.

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Alex Atkinson

As much as you can port (knowledge) from one lang to another, the gotchas are what getcha… Title of my book.

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Your question made me think of this: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat



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Michael Wong

Recent debates, spurred by the McKinsey report “Yes, you can measure software developer productivity,” have centred on the effective use of metrics within engineering to report to the C-Suite level. A broader question surfaces of how to ensure what is measured is valid and useful in achieving its intended purpose.

Join George Nikolaropoulos, GWI’s SVP of Engineering, to discover how they adapted their metrics to suit their engineering teams, VPs, and C-Suite to stimulate the conversations driving continuous improvement at multiple levels of their organisation.

Register for this webinar: https://plandek.com/resource/client-webinar-series-gwi/

Client Webinar Series - GWIattachment image

Learn how GWI adapted their metrics to meet the needs of engineering teams, VPs & C-Suite. Join George Nikolaropoulos in this 30-minute webinar hosted by Plandek.

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Hao Wang

no, I don’t want to be measured

Client Webinar Series - GWIattachment image

Learn how GWI adapted their metrics to meet the needs of engineering teams, VPs & C-Suite. Join George Nikolaropoulos in this 30-minute webinar hosted by Plandek.

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Quick question for y’all, before committing to version control, our team has a series of pre-commit hooks and Github Actions for formatting, linting, and labeling that kick off. To minimize wasted resources from spinning up just to fail on a simple error like stacks not validating, where would you implement simple checks to avoid from spinning up the runners prematurely? Would a pre-commit hook like the following be useful or would you put this validation somewhere else?

  - repo: local
      - id: atmos-validate-stacks
        name: atmos-validate-stacks
        entry: bash -c 'atmos validate stacks'
        language: system
        files: \.(yaml|tf)$
        pass_filenames: false
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Eamon Keane

this looks pretty interesting for people looking to save on networking costs who can tolerate a couple mins of downtime (CRD managed by GKE which when coupled with a regional disk and pod priority class allows for fast failover). A bit like Route 53 Application Recovery Controller but more focused on saving costs.



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Hi :grin:,

I’m using Flux to deploy all my applications and objects on my k3s cluster, and I’m using Longhorn for dynamic persistent volumes (PV).

In the event of a disaster, I understand that Longhorn can help restore PVs. However, I’m curious about how PVCs created by Flux will behave in this scenario. Will they automatically use the existing restored PVs from Longhorn, or is there a different approach needed for disaster recovery (DR)?

I’m also wondering if Velero is a suitable tool for this situation. I’ve never used it before, and I’d appreciate any insights or advice from those who have experience with it?


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Hao Wang

Velero is a good project for backup/restore PVCs

Hao Wang avatar
Hao Wang

with consistent support

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Hi All - I’m Matt from the Cycle team. We’re building a LowOps container orchestration / infra management platform. If you’re tired of the complexity of k8s, check out the link here.

Home | Cycle.io | The LowOps Container Orchestration Platformattachment image

Cycle is the leading LowOps platform built to streamline hybrid infrastructure management and container orchestration.


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Has anyone here used https://www.replicated.com/ to distribute their product (supporting k8s and helm charts)

The Commercial Software Distribution Platform | Replicated

Build better, sell more, install faster, and support efficiently. Ship your apps to customer-managed Kubernetes environments.


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Benedikt Dollinger (XALT)

Hey everyone! We are hosting a Webinar about Platform Engineering featuring one of our customers.

The Webinar teaches you how to create AWS Accounts in minutes with Jira Service Management and a Developer Self-Service and unlock your AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

Friday 17. November 2023 10:00 AM CET Live & Online

What you will learn:

  • Set up AWS Infrastructure in minutes with JSM Cloud & Developer Self-Service
  • Follow our seamless account creation process in JSM
  • Experience the power of approvals for a streamlined workflow
  • Explore the extensive account catalog in Asset Management
  • Harnessing AWS & JSM for cost efficiency, speed, security, and compliance with our developer self-service

Save your spot!


Platform Engineering Webinar | Set Up AWS Infrastructure in Minutes with JSMattachment image

Learn how to create an AWS account with Jira Service Management and streamline your workflow. Join our free webinar for IT leaders, cloud experts, and product owners on November 17th. Save your spot now!

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Xu Pengfei

Hi folks! I just published a blog on medium about the CNCF ArtifactHub KCL integration and new IDE features including reference and rename functions. Welcome to read and provide feedback. https://medium.com/@xpf6677/kcl-biweekly-newsletter-2023-10-12-10-25-246f04e10f16

KCL Biweekly Newsletter (2023 10.12–10.25)attachment image

KCL is a constraint-based record and functional language hosted by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that enhances the writing of…


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Eamon Keane

interesting critique of CDK from this Devtools fm podcast:


So they built CDK to compile to yaml. So just like kinda layers on top of layers. And the reality is, is that, uh, cloud formation to begin with is not very good. The design of CDK is also really bad, and we've kind of really deeply understood that over the years of using it, everything from just like the design, the design patterns that the user ends up interfacing with to like how it works under the hood, it is like one of the most over-engineered, craziest code bases I've ever jumped into.

Um, and for a while I was kind of convinced that I kinda had a really good excuse for them, which was okay, they, this was a bad decision, but is I was like, okay, I'll give them this, which is they wanted to support multiple languages and based off of what I was seeing, I was like, okay, maybe it's just really difficult to do something like this across multiple languages.

So every time I saw like a performance issue or like a design issue, I was kind of like, okay, this is probably because they try to support multiple languages. But more recently I've like explored other projects that are like competitive with c d k, that do the same thing and have the same multi-language support and they just did a much better job.

So again, like this is the type of thing that AWS is not good at executing at. Uh, like I, even the history of their project, I'm pretty sure that they did not want to make it multi-language, but they were forced to because there's like, nothing gets approved AWS unless it supports things widely. We have a bunch of people that maybe were forced into doing that.

Two other (more positive) recent podcasts on CDK:

https://realworldserverless.com/episode/86 https://realworldserverless.com/episode/85