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Roderik van der Veer

We have been using travisci pro for years, and pay a whopping 5k a year for 10 concurrent builds. The cost or amount of builds is not really the issue though. It is the power of the underlying machines. Our builds flows are optimised to the max, but we have for example a 10 minute create-react-app build (webpack) which cannot be sped up in any way, except bigger CPU’s. 2 min on my top spec mbp vs 12 minutes on travis. But they do not have plans with faster machines, so not really an option. How are you all handling these kinds of problems?

Pierre Humberdroz

Remote worker’s but this might sadly not be an option for travic ci.

Roderik van der Veer

via their support found that the premium vm’s are still there

Roderik van der Veer

will try that first


you could maybe connect your repo to gitlab-ci with a “ci-only” project, and manage your own runners as powerful as you need?

Erik Osterman

Drop Travis?

Maycon Santos

5K year for 10 concurrent is really pricey. I used to run Gitlab’s CI with docker-machine launching on-demand spot instances for less than $50/month for the runners.




any GoCD users here?


Rob Rose

Hey does anyone have any examples of production/dev/staging environments integrated with terraform and orchestrated by a Jenkins pipeline?