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Does anyone have good advice on best practices invoking integration tests in pipe with external user supplied ephemeral infrastructure dependencies?

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My current attempt at implementation utilizing Jenkins as the CICD tool sitting on top of K8S.

I wanted to piggyback the Jenkins agent and dynamically add additional containers to the pod declaration from a user supplied yaml file sitting in the repository of the current build. I have this working using inheritFrom with the Kubernetes plugin but this has to be done after the initial agent is already provisioned and it ultimately creates a secondary agent for the particular stage. Is there anyway to achieve this in a manner that is not in-flight (that the YAML can be merged before the agent is provisioned)?

I feel like there is a much better way to go about this but haven’t found anything in my search.

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I actually stumbled across this. This is almost exactly what I want. The templates are just stored in a shared library instead of in the remote repository. I wish I could fetch that in a distributed manner without requiring the agent to do the SCM checkout.


Jenkins Shared Library to get dynamic agent from Kubernetes cloud