#spacelift (2024-02)


Jeremy G (Cloud Posse) avatar
Jeremy G (Cloud Posse)

Note to Spacelift users. Cloud Posse distributed Spacelift configuration scripts that included the line

ln -sfTv /bin/terraform /usr/bin/terraform

Due to changes in Debian and Ubuntu (specifically, replacing the /bin directory with a symlink to /usr/bin, this line should be changed to

[ /bin -ef /usr/bin ] || ln -sfTv /bin/terraform /usr/bin/terraform

Otherwise you will find that the terraform command cannot be found, and you might get an error like

Using Terraform: 
+ which terraform
[01HPMBE7B9D1XJBM622MGSGM46] Unexpected exit code when initializing workspace: 1
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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

(this is specifically for users of the Cloud Posse terraform modules for controling spacelift)