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anyone use a module to create scheduled ecs tasks ? looking at this module, but open to other modules too.



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Rajesh Babu Gangula

I am trying to update codebuild project with EFS settings as terraform aws_codebuild_project does not have the option to do it during initial setup .. I am getting the following error …. I am sure its something simple that I am missing here .. let me know if anyone can point me what is that I am missing here

null_resource.output-id: Provisioning with 'local-exec'...
null_resource.output-id (local-exec): Executing: ["/bin/sh" "-c" "aws codebuild update-project --name supercell-shared-infra --file-system-locations [type=EFS,location=[fs-865b7b05.efs.us-east-1.amazonaws.com](http://fs\-865b7b05\.efs\.us\-east\-1\.amazonaws\.com),mountPoint=mount-point,identifier=efs-identifier]"]

null_resource.output-id (local-exec): Expecting value: line 1 column 2 (char 1)