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We use aws-google-auth to create aws credentials that expire after X hours. Oftentimes I’ll see an error from terragrunt like:

Error in function call; Call to function "read_terragrunt_config" failed: exit status 1.

which doesn’t make sense because I haven’t changed code near that, and the root cause is my aws credentials have expired.

Does anyone else get into this situation and have a way to deal with it?

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We use a Makefile to run our terragrunt code in a container, so I could just add a aws sts call to that to check if the creds are valid, but interested to know if there are other approaches

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I use a credential_process wrapper, which can automatically refresh the credentials

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As long as my session to the idp is still valid, of course

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Thanks! Didn’t realise that option existed. Unfortunately it’s not yet supported by aws-google-auth.

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yeah, you’d have to wrap that wrapper as long as it provides the access, secret, session token, and expiration, you can reformat the outputs pretty easily i’d think