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Hey there! I have a situation where terragrunt auto-init executes all the time, even if the module is already initialized and nothing changed since the last init. Are you experiencing the same kind of behavior? I found this issue that may be related and will add details to it asap. https://github.com/gruntwork-io/terragrunt/issues/1742 Thank you.

Terragrunt running auto-init even after running init manually · Issue #1742 · gruntwork-io/terragruntattachment image

A customer reported that they were running into issues with plugin caching being ignored because terragrunt was rerunning init.


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Kartik V

Hello everyone , I am trying to achieve vpc cross region peering using terragrunt need some ideas/suggestion to use provider as alias in terragunt.hcl root

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Kyle Johnson

since the hcl file can’t use a provider alias, I’ve had to use one of two approaches:

• separate terragrunt modules which different provider output (no alias required!)

• making a “wrapper” terraform module which expects certain providers to exist (don’t pass as terragrunt inputs, but instead create the two providers with terragrunt) it’s messy either way