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Question: Does anybody know where hashicorp vault sits on the gartner quadrant for secrets management or privileged access management? I’m trying to justify / compare it with other solutions like delinia/thycotic . I know it has the mindshare , but I’m hoping for some industry research that backs it up.

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I work on the delinea devops secret vault team. You can see our cli at github.com/delineaxpm/dsv-cli. I don’t really follow Gartner much personally just find the right ecosystem I need.

Just note Devops secret vault and secret server are far different products. Depends on your goals.

I might be able to help with some basic questions in DM if you want. Best part about dsv is SAAS serverless. Zero infra to manage so you can be up and running in free tier pretty quick withoit managing a vault service.

Been experiment with bootstrapping my own personal secrets with direnv and it and promising so far.