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Hi all does anyone use the database password rotation feature in their applications that retrieve secrets from vault? I can’t find examples of how applications should handle a password being refreshed. Should it be done by exception handling?

  1. App retrieves v1 creds for database from vault
  2. App connects to database with v1 creds
  3. After X minutes/hours vault rotates the credentials and creates v2 creds
  4. App attempts to execute a query with v1 credentials, but exception occurs, App retrieves latest v2 creds.
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Zachary Loeber

Step 0. App retrieves Vault token with access to request creds from the database secrets engine path.

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Zachary Loeber

Either way, if you were using a static db role the rotation period would be set as part of the role. You could also force rotate the password after being used via another API call

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Zachary Loeber

I’d not use this as some means to run a long service. If you are then possibly using the vault agent would be a feasible solution