#packer (2020-11)


Discuss Packer for building AMIs and Docker Images Archive: https://archive.sweetops.com/packer/


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Packer hcl is almost complete https://github.com/hashicorp/packer/issues/9176

Only packer fix and packer fmt is left

HCL2: implementation list · Issue #9176 · hashicorp/packer

HCL2 support is a beta work in progress and features are added one by one. As a result it can be hard for end users to know where we are at. While the full list HCL2 issues can be found using the H…


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I’d like to create an AMI from a ISO file. I’ve found that I had to follow this path: iso -> ova/qcow2 -> ami Have you seen any guide for building this kind of workflow? Thank you

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Henry Carter

Specify the packer format to ova, and use the amazon-import post-processor