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Hi all -  I am running an app on Fargate and have logconfig as logDriver: Splunk  to ingest logs to splunk.  I did set the docker container log path which consists of multiple log files.  but as of now its only ingesting docker default logs stdout or stderr to Splunk. Can someone help me on how to ingest all the log files in the logs directory to splunk ?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi everyone. I’m trying to add second Wordpress and db containers to a docker-compose.yaml file, to build up multi-websites stack, but the error 404 page not found appears on both websites. Works very well with a single variant like on this website through. How to achieve this goal for the multi-sites - more than one? Thank you :)

A Docker Compose file to install WordPress with a Traefik reverse proxy, an SSL certificate and a…attachment image

If you are planning to host your blog or create a website, Wordpress is the solution of choice. It is the #1 CMS, with a very active…


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Anyone regularly using ansible IN the container to add required packages and all instead of doing via bash scripts etc?

I feel like a rebel doing this a bit but I’m not sure why it’s not more standard than the dump of shell scripting commands.

Would allow a lot of simplicity when dealing with different distros too.

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I’ve not done it myself, but I remember seeing a container do that once. Seems like a reasonable approach to me, but I imagine the idea of introducing another tool may be partially why it’s not a widely used pattern.

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Your container would be huge from all the ansible dependencies

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Mohammed Yahya

I think that conflict with Docker purpose to keep the image as minimum as possible and junk free. you may look into building docker images with Packer and Ansible as provisioner, but I think this is overkill. Also you still want to use RUN and ADD for layering

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I guess if you’re doing multi stage builds where ansible was just setting up the initial stage … maybe?

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Seems overkill though when you’re also trying to make the process fast