#aws-reinvent (2020-12)

Discuss the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference. Coordinate meeting up.

Archive: https://archive.sweetops.com/aws-reinvent/


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New for AWS Lambda – Container Image Support | Amazon Web Servicesattachment image

With AWS Lambda, you upload your code and run it without thinking about servers. Many customers enjoy the way this works, but if you’ve invested in container tooling for your development workflows, it’s not easy to use the same approach to build applications using Lambda. To help you with that, you can now package and […]

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Preview: AWS Proton – Automated Management for Container and Serverless Deployments | Amazon Web Servicesattachment image

Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of AWS Proton, a new service that helps you automate and manage infrastructure provisioning and code deployments for serverless and container-based applications. Maintaining hundreds – or sometimes thousands – of microservices with constantly changing infrastructure resources and configurations is a challenging task for even the most […]


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