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oh yeah

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Let’s start pinning useful gov resources for DevOps

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Important Links

DoD DevSecOps Reference Design

Frequently Asked Questions doc about Open Source Software published by DoD CIO

Platform One - USAF program that has a collection of cloud native, hardened, CNCF-compliant K8s distros, IaC, hardened containers, etc

Repo1 - Open source GitLab hosted by Platform One

Iron Bank - Public hardened container registry - DoD-wide reciprocity (controversial, but gaining acceptance rapidly)

Registry1 - Public Docker registry for Iron Bank

DoD Cloud IaC baselines - Not public, need to be government person with .mil email address

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Big Bang - Declarative Kubernetes-based cyber-compliance platform. Includes a compliant cyber stack with a Service Mesh, centralized logging and monitoring, validating webhooks, network policies, continuous container security scan/monitoring

Repo for Big Bang

Big Bang Quick Start

Big Bang example using the Zarf delivery tool (disclaimer: I’m a maintainer of Zarf)

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Route53 has some interesting differences compared to commercial.

You can create private hosted zones in the AWS GovCloud (US). In general, the functionality is the same as for private hosted zones in the global version of Route 53. However, you can create alias records only when the alias target is another record in the same hosted zone. To route traffic to another AWS resource, such as an ELB load balancer or an S3 bucket, you can use a CNAME record instead of an alias record unless you're creating a record at the zone apex.
Amazon Route 53 - AWS GovCloud (US)

Lists the differences for using Amazon Route 53 in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region compared to other AWS regions.

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lol…the channel where we can all lament troll

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