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anyone here still using kops?

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hi @bradym us simpsons folks seem to like our kops (esp chief wiggums)

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question for the audience here: curious what people are doing to pass their CIS benchmarks etc. for kops clusters. I see alot of info out there about how to run your cluster through a CIS benchmark test but less so what people are doing to fix them. I’ve wanted to avoid going down the route of packer/custom AMIs (as that’ll open up a can of other worms) but wondering if that’s the only real solution as I don’t see any easier/obvious solutions ones out there.

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That’s a great question, also interested in the answer. Don’t have any insight myself, unfortunately.


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Balazs Varga

Hello. Can I somehow get the default containerd toml file? /etc/containerd/config-kops.toml is empty